Greetings, internet explorer. I’m Neha Hirve.
I used to be a visual storyteller and sometimes-indie-poster-maker.
But then 2020 broke stuff.


Are you satisfied with the life you lead?

Now I’m studying web development at Hyper Island in Stockholm. Luckily I love to code.
First I made stuff alone.
Then we made stuff for other humans.

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Here's a link to ALL OF THE STUFF 0_0

I’m interested in how the internet can emulate IRL experiences, design-driven development, web animation, and games. I’m teaching myself PHP and Node.js (b/c backend is the new black). I also chase tornadoes, have lived in 5 countries and a treehouse, and enjoy watching this man restore retro game consoles on YouTube.

Anyway, please hire me (or just be my friend)!

I don’t bite unless it’s the full moon.

Now here’s some Tetris so you never have to leave!