(b. 1992)

I'm a freelance visual storyteller currently based in Pune, India.

I mostly work on long-term photo projects. I've been published in both Swedish and international publications like National Geographic and the New York Times, and have received grants from The Swedish Arts Grants Committee and Women Photograph.

My praxis concerns itself mostly with in-betweens. It lies in the space between decisive moments, between interpretation and fact, between man and his environment, performance and reality, and seeks a kind of truth via metaphors — every microcosm alludes to the larger story of what it means to be human. I'm especially interested in using photography and the archive in conjunction with other mediums of storytelling such as film, text, and audio. Recently, I've been interested in the dual role of photography as evidence and myth-maker in creating the narratives that surround certain utopian or sacred spaces.

I work in various areas of film (mostly cinematography) and graphic arts as well. I also coded this website from scratch, so let me know if you find any bugs.